Gloves – Eudoxie Motorcycles

Discover our premium leather women certified Moto gloves.
Which pair will match and complete your look ?!

Eudoxie has 2 types of certification for its gloves:
  • Leather gloves CE certified, EN13594:2015 level 1 standards. Made of premium leather, they are thin and flexible to give you freedom of movement. Ideal for smaller displacement motorcycle (scooter or 125 type), walks or city trips.
  • Our other category of gloves is 1KP standards features knuckles armor to protect you in the event of a fall. The seams are also reinforced. Ideal for riders on longer journeys or road trips.
  • Each pair, regardless of their approval, is tested to resist abrasion and tearing. The tactile fingers on two fingers on each hand have been designed to combine practicality with style. The wrist straps will prevent you from dropping your gloves. Each style was carefully thought out to please our female riders. And because every detail counts, we added our famous motto “Ride like a girl” on the left hand fingers. With those gloves on, there are no more excuses to not greet other bikers you meet with the famous “V”!