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CE certified protective women jacket
You like to ride with style?

Women's motorcycle jacket at Eudoxie

We have several types of jackets: Protective gear which is divided into 2 categories of jacket, the certified protective, or the "lifestyle" jackets (Ex: windbreaker…) .

  • Approved jackets and technical jackets: Even if these two types of jackets have been made with care, approved jackets are manufactured then tested in laboratories, in order to study the duration of resistance to abrasion and tearing. The leather is premium, and each of the seams is reinforced. The protection of our approved jackets is level AA (3rd level of protection) to CE standards. They are made up of internal pockets so that you can integrate your removable protections as you wish (removable protections are automatically included in your order of approved jacket, unlike technical jackets, or you must add them extra). The protections are level 1 or level 2 (in the approved jacket, you will find level 1 protections. Here is their CE standard: EN 1621-1 2012/ LEVEL 1 or LEVEL 2)
  • The jacket technical, in leather or fabric, will have premium finishes, to always bring you more comfort and quality. It will also be made up of internal pockets, to integrate level 1 or 2 protection. Then we find our waterproof jacket with a reflective design to stay stylish in plain sight ;) Perfect for facing bad weather, but also for mid-season touring

How to choose your jacket feminine?

Eudoxie motorcycle jackets will adapt to any everyday situation.

Each of our designs is carefully thought out and worked on, in order to be able to correspond to the outfits, desires, and look of each. You'll definitely find what you're looking for, whether you're badass, feminine, or rock. Each of our jackets is ideal for everyday wear or on a motorcycle, whether on a road trip or a stroll around town.

The Eudoxie brand advocates the freedom of every woman, it pushes them to push their limits, to live from their passion which is motorcycling, and above all to be adventurous! Eudoxie appropriates the codes of the world of two wheels to feminize it in her own way, and you will love it! Our brand, created in 2017, is made by women and for women. We are now the leading women's brand in the motorcycle industry.

Leather motorcycle jackets for women

Our leathers have a perfecto cut, they are one of our first pieces in leather made from A to Z Eudoxie. Our women's motorcycle jackets are made of lamb or cowhide leather. The finishes are golden. The perfecto is worn fitted. The leather is very soft and supple, we love wearing it! It has several exterior pockets, as well as an interior pocket, the lining is quilted.

Retro reflective windproof jacket | The star of the mid-season.

The reflective jacket is made for rock and free bikers. It is practical to take with you everywhere in case of rain or wind, but also in good weather. The reflective graphics were designed by Caroline (aka Goldy). It is a technology which allows, in particular in the road sector, to reflect the light of the lights, in order to be visible from a driving position. The technology of this women's motorcycle jacket ensures perfect visibility at night, allowing cars to spot you from afar. This very practical piece is much appreciated, as much for its useful side as for its fashion side. It is made of polyester and has a lining. We also love its checkered interior, so no detail is missed. In summer or winter, this women's motorcycle jacket will follow you throughout the seasons.

Description of women's windproof motorcycle jacket

  • Material: polyester and waterproof
  • < li>Color: black and gray / (reflective) or burgundy and gray / (reflective)
  • Seasonality: all seasons
  • Lining: yes
  • Closing: snaps and laces in the arm