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The ideal Eudoxie t-shirt for bikers.

We are a feminine brand and we are committed as women to making t-shirts for bikers. We ourselves are looking for well-being and the ideal piece that can accompany us on our different adventures. The women's t-shirt is a key piece of every streetwear collection. We wanted to do it in the best possible way! This is why we thought of a cut that could adapt to each of us, each body shape, while maintaining impeccable style. Discover each different piece in detail, explaining why it will be made for you!

The Eudoxie short-sleeved t-shirt

We have a fairly wide range of short-sleeved biker t-shirts to suit every style. If you want something closer to the body we have the fit tshirt. If you have a slightly more street look we have the mixed t-shirt which is suitable for both women and men. Finally for the summer and to have something light under the leather we make tank tops.

The fit t-shirt

The short-sleeved t-shirt can be a basic, a key piece, often it is a cut that may seem ordinary but they are difficult to find well cut. This cut of the short-sleeved biker t-shirt is designed for everyone. We know that we are not all made the same. So we thought of a cut that could suit the majority of us.

First of all we needed slightly long sleeves that went up to half the arm. We women know that we don't like sleeves that tighten our arms too much or that make our arms appear not very muscular. Then to create a real biker t-shirt it had to be long so that we could tuck it into the pants. In any case, it's no longer fashionable to have your back exposed...

For the collar, we wanted something that was adaptable to different busts. Big breasts, small breasts everyone must be comfortable riding a motorcycle. This is why our rounded collar will hug everyone's chest without too much of a sexy attitude but without being a nun either. Finally, to fully satisfy our biker, we wanted to make her a t-shirt that was as pleasant as possible, which is why we work with organic cotton whose softness is unparalleled.

The mixed t-shirt

The mixed t-shirt is for everyone. Men also want their Eudoxie t-shirt! This biker but also biker t-shirt has a basic cut, yes, but well cut, it has little swallows at the bottom which give a neat style. Like all our pieces it is made in Portugal in organic cotton and obviously like the brand's biker t-shirts it is extremely soft.

The tank top t-shirt

For the tank top t-shirt here too we wanted to find a cut that was adaptable to everyone. In a crew of bikers, we are all different but we also want the same t-shirt. It’s normal, it’s also a rallying sign. The straps are therefore wide for a slightly loose side for bikers who will have a smaller chest and for girls with larger breasts the t-shirt will be a little more fitted.

The long-sleeved t-shirt for riding in style

Long-sleeved women's t-shirts include baseball t-shirts which have very vintage connotations, city basics with race designs or even jerseys which look like cross-country jerseys. Finally everything bikers need in a t-shirt.

The jersey t-shirt

The jersey t-shirt is one of our bestsellers among bikers. It is super practical to wear in summer and winter because you can wear it as a sweater when the sun is out but also for motorcycle riding. It gives a little rock and sporty look to jeans. It is lined so although micro ventilated you will not see through it. Bikers love this t-shirt, it regularly changes color depending on trends and our desires. It’s a must-have for women’s t-shirts.

The long-sleeved t-shirt

What's better for a biker who loves clothes than a long-sleeved t-shirt for winter? We love them! Still in organic cotton, they are ideal for putting under a sweater or hanging out in a pub one evening. Cocoon and rock are essential pieces in a wardrobe. At least October for the last motorbike rides they are nice too. Another tshirt that bikers won't get tired of.

The baseball t-shirt

The baseball t-shirt is the holy grail of American and even Californian culture. The sleeves of the raglan t-shirt in different colors give an ascending biker-skateboard look. It is practical with these three-quarter sleeves because it does not protrude from the leather. We decided to leave it a little open at the collar to give it a more feminine look. This tshirt, still in organic cotton, is suitable for women like all our collections. So bikers choose your t-shirt and go on the road trip.